Microsoft's backyard

Showing at Victor's Coffee in Redmond May 28th through June 4th, 2023

Growing up in Microsoft’s backyard

Neighborhood trail
Outdoor fun

Driving snack
Over the road

A big deal
Afternoon fun

A cold treat
Walking the dog
Playing around

Looking back
Looking forward
Moving to the future

Out of the woods
Safe banking

Daily commute
Ever higher
Lincoln Center

An empty box
Bringing the news

Daily commute
A growing concern
Finding the problem

Eighty acres
Standing together

Campus living
The Microsoft mall
Transit infrastructure

Moving in
Moving on
Cost of living

Movie night
To the big city

Penneys people
The newest trends

The Eastsides living room
To shop or to read

Bubble tea
Macys skyline
The long route to Bellevue

Craft supplies
Old fashioned summer fun

KFC in the box
The nineteenth hole

A childhood favorite
Closed to traffic
Signaling change

Coming soon
High tea
Wanting more

A calm slough
River racing

Building a home
Enjoying the lights
Through the tunnel

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